Mid States Steel's experience in custom steel fabrication is extensive.

From custom plate work and difficult tube sheet fabrication, to industrial structural work and storage tanks.

Mid States has detailed and fabricated everything from complex chutes and hoppers using 3D modeling for accuracy, to the simplest handrail and ladders.

Whether the job serves customers in the petroleum industry, chemical industry, automotive industry, or coal industry, Mid States Steel's experience and quality shows through the products they provide.

A custom designed computer program allows Mid States Steel to accurately estimate the materials and labor involved in your project.

When you receive a bid from Mid States Steel, you can trust it's realistic.

And to make sure production remains in line with the estimate, detailed job costing is performed throughout the job, ensuring it is completed within budget and on schedule.

Mid States also keeps delivery on time by maintaining its own fleet of trucks.

The specially designed trailers ensure your shipment arrives damage-free.

The drivers at Mid States Steel know their priorities - to get there safely, and on time.