While quality begins with the Mid States Steel engineering department, it is brought to life in the shop.

Two bays, one for light, miscellaneous work, and the other for larger jobs, are where the experienced fabricators working 2 shifts ensure quick fabrication.

Skilled in reading and executing a blueprint, the Mid States Steel shop team can boast of its extraordinarily low ratio of field problems.

Unlike other fabricators, Mid States Steel provides miscellaneous fabrication in-house.

Why? Control. Conducting all aspects of fabrication under one roof ensures better control over the finished product, not to mention customer time savings in coordinating a single job between different suppliers.

Mid States Steel also performs extensive testing and documenting prodedures.

Certified welders have compiled an exceptional record of quality welding.

At the customer's request, ultrasonic, radiograph and dye penetrant testing will be conducted on every shop-applied weld, in addition to the 100 percent material inspection that routinely takes place before a job ever leaves the plant.

While most fabricators provide only a cursory final inspection, Mid States Steel checks every weld, every connection and every hole punched to ensure it meets contract specifications.